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Well, that was... something. Time to take the training wheels off. Done with Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare. On to the painful stuff. Mythic here we come.

Eyes for an EYE!

ALPHA posted Oct 1, 16

Tentacles, Eye beams, uglay tree...

not sure if its blizzard new hentai or raid boss

but we killed it

props for krit hoggin up the screenshot


Nuclayer a Zuljin server. Bring whatever class you want. I will make room for you.
Lloyd I have the time now, let me know the details.
Nuclayer a Why don't you come play with us Lloyd? - I will link any photo you want. Deal?

What the fuck - two posts in one week?  Don't get greedy you loot whores!

We managed to rage quit the Angry Bear and also a Ménage à trois of diseased dragons. Luckily we were using protection.

Not too shabby for our first week of raiding. Good job team!

Welcome back Systematic.

We had a great first night and managed to kill our first pixel dragon to start this tier - on Heroic.

Zuljin is an extremely competative server with 3 professional guilds  and we still managed to be one of the few that got ourselves a heroic kill on the first night. We also are getting pretty damn close to killing the angry bear with a sub 30% pull to end the night.

The best part of this entire thing, is that we haven't had to recruit a single person and running a full 30 person raid to boot. Yes, there will be some sitting, but it sure beats missing raids due to the lack of raiders.  

We forgot to take a guild photo, due to our excitment.

Gonna be running late tonight, stuck at work till 9
Fire single target nerfed.. lame
well fuck
This hurts my eyes.
i think i like this one
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