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Looks like maybe they increased Starlight Rose drop chance. Collected about 40 with only a single dust drop, at Rank 2 today.
I work till 9:00 fyi
There is a Normal EN tonight at 8:30pm if anyone is interested. Optional.
My booms are gonna get boomier!
Buff everyone and nerf arms. Ignore fire mages yay!

What the fuck - two posts in one week?  Don't get greedy you loot whores!

We managed to rage quit the Angry Bear and also a Ménage à trois of diseased dragons. Luckily we were using protection.

Not too shabby for our first week of raiding. Good job team!

Welcome back Systematic.

We had a great first night and managed to kill our first pixel dragon to start this tier - on Heroic.

Zuljin is an extremely competative server with 3 professional guilds  and we still managed to be one of the few that got ourselves a heroic kill on the first night. We also are getting pretty damn close to killing the angry bear with a sub 30% pull to end the night.

The best part of this entire thing, is that we haven't had to recruit a single person and running a full 30 person raid to boot. Yes, there will be some sitting, but it sure beats missing raids due to the lack of raiders.  

We forgot to take a guild photo, due to our excitment.

Systematic is raiding in Legion and we want you to join our team. We have a long history of successful raiding starting from Vanilla WoW. Come be a part of the guild.


  • Hardcore Raiding on a Casual Schedule -  8 Hours a week!
  • Committed raiders who dont want to make WoW a second Job!
  • Dedicated and Organized Officer Core - 10+ years of experience!
  • Fun bunch of stupid fucks who like to kill video game monsters!

Raid times will be Tues and Thursday 8:30 till 11:30 ET 

Clean up raid night Monday 9:00 to 11:00 ET

Loot council with attendance determining your priority.


Nuclayer a posted Jul 11, 16

Gold Challenge Mode 8/8!

Dinine a posted Jun 17, 16

While waiting for Legion, the guild completed 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes last night! The culmination of a couple months of work!

Group consisted of Madroxx, Aaren, Nuclayer, Alpha and Dinine. Forgot to take a group screenshot..

Also.. fuck Everbloom.

ALPHA lol fuck everbloom
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